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Ensure your Grocery with 80% cash back

Grocery World is start-up Grocery Venture initiated By OBIDUA. Grocery World has brought a unique and needy service to its customer. Everyone insured their future by doing some investment. Grocery is the basic need of everyone and it will be to the end, so why we did not insure it. We are making it possible for you and ensuring your monthly Grocery for the time of 15 months according to your need.

We care your taste and brand and we will provide your existing loved brand.

We are opening our Super Stores in PAN India and Providing Home Delivery and Walking store Experience ,you can directly Purchase all of your daily need directly from Store or order from our app or online website with great discount …

if you love our Product quality , quantity , price and range of 4000+ Product than you can become a G-Card Holder and get 80% cash back which can redeemed in 15 month also use this balance in all services provided by OBIDUA in PAN India

Gift your G-Card

Grocery World is providing a G Card, by which you can ensure your Grocery for the future with lots of benefits.  Basically, G-Card is our payment method providing you insured Grocery to your family every month for 15 months. We are making clear it to you by Example. The user can be a member of G-Card by 5000/- to 10 lac in one  KYC if it increased user need to submit income proof.

if A becomes G Card Member by 75000/-, then we insured A to get Grocery of 9000/- every month for the defined period.   You can get 1,35,000/- in 15 months, So we are providing 80% of cash back in form of Grocery. This cash back is split into two parts.

  75% of cash back will be credited daily into your G-Card and will be carried forward to next month.

   25% will be activated after 30 days and it must usable in next 15 days otherwise and it will be vanished from your G-Card. 

User can be able to start your own G-Card from 5000/- to 100,000/- in one KYC if A start G-Card , it can be used in shopping. This is the first part of the cash back. In the second part of the cash back that is 25%, it will start after 30 days it must be redeemed in the coming 15 days.  

Become a G-Card holder

Note:-   User can use this G-Card from our website and App and also make purchase in our store. This is best gift for your loved ones.


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